An awesome app for searching for drugs and locating pharmacies, and realtime communication with Doctors and Pharmacy owners

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The easiest way to Identify your pills, compare prescription drug prices, find the lowest price and stop overpaying for your prescriptions. Available for Android 2.3+

Why Download PillFinder

Save Time and Money

Looking for a drug that is scarce can be a difficult task, with PillFinder you avoid the hustle of wasting time and money moving from one pharmacy to the next looking for the drug you need. Just use PillFinder to locate the drug you need and head straight to the location of the pharmacy that has the drug.

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Buy the right drug

PillFinder not only lets you locate drugs but also displays licensed drugs. This will help stop you from buying illegal and unlicensed drugs

Drug Directory at your disposal

Do you own a pharmacy? With PillFinder you can get to know the drugs commonly used and drugs frequently searched for this will help you in knowing what to stcok

Improve Sales

For Pharmacy Owners, PillFinder will drive more clients to your pharmacy.

Get It Now

PillFinder is a free app. Just head to the google playstore and download it now if you do not have it yet

Save Time

Time is key when it comes to treatment. Let the app find you the drug you are looking for in the pharmacies closest to you.